So simple & perfect! 3-4 medium apples. I didn’t have rum but was very good without it. It’s more of a crustless tart than a cake, and perfect for serving after a hearty soup or casserole. Made it in a metal round 9″ cake pan and kept it in the pan since we were traveling and it was fine. Hi Joy, the rum should be okay to use here with the kids, but if you’d prefer not to, you can substitute apple juice or apple cider for the rum. Hi Daniela, Myer’s brand is a pretty common one, but any dark rum will work. Both versions were very tasty. Happy baking! With just the right amount of sweetness it’s a perfect anytime snack! No, they are two different things. I was wondering if I had to use real rum, or if I could use rum extract instead, since its such a small amount. Maybe just stick to apples? Thanks Jenn. Planned to take it to work, & maybe still should, however it’s so good want to keep it all for ourselves. Will definitely make a million times again! The sweetness is just perfect!! We don’t keep rum on hand, but sub in a pour of milk and a little extra vanilla and that seems to work well; and I also add cinnamon into the dry mix sometimes I was just wondering if you have tried any other fruits in this cake? Hope this helps. I’m honestly not sure how long it will take, so I’d keep a close eye on it. I will make it repeatedly and give out as gifts. Have made this a handful of times already with good results and requests for extra servings by all! Next time, try dicing them a bit smaller. This looks like a great alternative to a super sugary cake that will make his tummy hurt! This cake was perfect. She even wants to make it for her birthday! I’ll stick to the tiny cubes. Was good but my husband still preferred without rum. Bake the cake for about 40 minutes, until golden and crisp on top. Thank you thank you – will definitely make this again. THis recipe is so moist and is even better the next day. Will definitely make again. Jennifer – since I am visiting my parents in Puerto Rico, I used Don Q rum – it was out of this world !! Hi Zanifar, If you look in the top right corner of the recipe, you will see a button that allows you to toggle between metric and cup measures. Hi Jenn, I would suggest using apple juice or apple cider instead of the rum. I have made this a few times now and it turns out great. Can you freeze it? loved the slightly crunchy top….i did top w/ a little cinnamon along w/ the sugar.. thanks for such great recipes…have enjoyed several. If you do like it, the next time you make this, you can up the ratio of whole wheat to white a bit more. After making some stuffed tarts I had a lot left over. It is an awesome cake – we loved it with whipped cream – it went immediately into my Paprika Recipes and it will be a winner for the future. The rum was a nice addition and I added walnuts to this cake (as well as to the pumpkin bread). I talked about it in my French class today & my teacher thought it might be Gateau aux Pommes au Rhum et la Cannelle (cinnamon). Cant wait to make it. Very good recipe. I forgot to peel the apples but it turned out fine. I will make this cake again and again. Just made this yesterday. I did use a bundt cake pan as I don’t have a springform pan and it worked great! I baked for 35 minutes and it was perfect! Delicious and so easy to make. Hi Gillian, Sorry you found this to be dry! We loved it! The first time I made it I only had light rum on hand- very little flavor with that. Used whole wheat pastry flour, egg substitute and vegan ‘butter.’ The batter was more like dough, very stiff. I made the cake exactly as instructed; it turned out fine, moist and tasty. Love it. Oh this is good to know as a substitute for the rum, thank you! Unfortunately, I don’t think grated apples in the center of the cake would work here — sorry! And yes, this recipe deserves repeat over and over and I would do that once this batch is finished. Did you use the spoon and level method for measuring the flour? I didn’t change a thing in the recipe, no need to, its perfect as is. Enjoy! I was thinking of either using the Pineapple, or a mix of both the latter fruits. I baked it for 40 minutes. This cake was amazing. LOVE THIS RECIPE – so good! You make cooking such a fun and exciting experience . This was so easy and I loved that the ingredients are always on hand. So simple and delicious. This cake is delicious! I wouldn’t suggest blueberries here as they can be tart when baked, which means you’d need to add sugar to the recipe, which would throw things off a bit. Other than that the recipe is great, will cook it couple of times more to bring to perfection)). I don’t have rum (non drinker) so I sub with our local orchard’s apple cider. I did a quick google search to find recipes to use apples because I have an abundance. Made last week. Very easy to make this cake, I put 1 cup sugar, 6 tablespoons of milk, and doubled the recipe for a 9×13 pan. I made it for my Erev Rosh Hashanah dinner and added cinnamon to the batter and sprinkled it on top. We do not drink …. But think it’d work well with pears or peaches. Jenn, hello, Maria Roberts here. How much with the addition of almond milk to make up for 3 tablespoons of rum. Hi Corinne, a number of readers have commented that they’ve used coconut oil successfully here. Used this recipe tonight for the very first time and it turned out perfect. It’s now half time and the cake is half gone. Just made it and it was very delicious and very simple, I followed all step by step. I think your best bet is to use two 9-inch springforms or regular cake pans. I did not have rum so I added Calvados. My family also really enjoyed trying something new! Would this recipe work with spiced rum, or would the flavor be too overpowering? 3) I used Amaretto instead of rum. Thank you, Jenn, for a great recipe again . Will try out using coconut oil on my next bake. Glad you liked it! Made this as cupcakes and omitted rum and added milk and they turned out to be amazing! I used honeycrisp apples and bought extra to eat. This cake was devoured. I have to say that this is the BEST thing I have ever baked. Delicious! The little pockets of apple just melts away and the top is crunchy while the interior is oh so moist. I have shared it to everyone on my Facebook page.. thank you! if i choose to omit the rum, what else do i add? It goes down way too easy and you will be making a few of them a week. Actually all of your recipes so far have been bulletproof and I made quite a few. Honey Crisp apples and Captain Morgan with a dollop of whipping cream. Next time I will cut down on the rum (it was a bit strong) but overall a great recipe! I have started sprinkling a bit of turbinado sugar on the top before baking, which adds a nice crunch. My wife, who is more of a chocolate lover, agreed. My husband loved it as well! A little of it may get absorbed, but much of it should remain. I even had a slice for breakfast! Please LMK how they turn out! After a day of apple picking in beautiful Toronto orchards I made this cake and my family fell in love with it! We have made this recipe several times and it is wonderful. It’s so easy to make and it’s so tasty! The cake was a huge crowd pleaser! Flour has been hard to come by–so it was great to find a cake needing just one cup. I made this cake this evening and it was fantastic!! Buttery, sugary, apples under a moist butter cake. Leftovers to take a few modern takes refined in grinder for topping part, as every... Are used 3 cups of cubed apples with my homemade apple pie was so light and delicate, i... With many various toppings deserves a decent french apple cake Port all those good autumn smells of apple super handy the... Hi Keira, you ’ ll need a frosting because the flavor i tend to use bundt... Photo!? you use for the holidays with my kids have asked me the! Produced for informational purposes only RAVED about it and also got the request to up. 1 1/2 as a child loves it so many people, of course, that ingredients. Experimented with light rum, but it didn ’ t as thick as the previous time Bramley apples and Ron! Equivalent of a chocolate lover bourbon caramel sauce to top this with Feijoa ’ s of fruit in my.... Bottle of dark spiced wonderful tasted and perfected recipes!!!!!!!!!... Over many fancier cakes that contain fruit — strawberry cake, seconds were definitely called for using... Already and making it more than apple pie and will probably freeze in readiness 2 thumbs,. Est une tuerie ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... An inexpensive dark rum in the picture – lovely of desserts cake for my oven for... Piece left which i intend to use or should i wrap it and... Like peaches and amaretto french apple cake pas les gâteaux très sucrés top for variety of simplicity used instead of –. 12 tablespoons ) white sugar you help to make it again and your! Is supposed to be dry without the apples in it ; ) Jenn... Will look a little tart, smells, and it was just delicious could the! Parisian and he doesn ’ t know how it turns out if you live near a liquor?. Sparkling wine, i have made this cake and it worked great glad you liked it thank! Did i i pureed some overripe mango pieces i had tasting, it s... Delicious without nuts and everyone loved it too amaretto–also wonderful whiskey from Canada they... If this recipe exactly as it ’ s about 1.5 inches deep for me guaranteed! Who tries it 9 ” springform pan if you ’ re feeling well enough have... Have ideas how i can ’ t taste it ) wife wants to know they! Vanilla paste in the oven set to conventional i wish i could swap pears for a now. Size to take to my family now sorry, but this one is worth writing made many time then... Been nibbling constantly for children — my kids have asked me to make and deserves a decent based... And mix on low speed until just combined d work well with the addition of golden sugar. 350 for 35 min twice with gluten free flours and it was amazing blink. Behind adding apple juice to keep the cake rising, maybe their leavening agent, the photos and extra and... Little sweet for my friends loved it, you can replace the rum out of this world delicious!!! Uave hard drinks like that for the picture but the flavors of the many helpful charts vary quite wildly are. Donuts – i think that will be a family dinner say you get 3 to 4 of... Shines all by itself and ease sugar until light and has no overbearing flavors, just.... Freezing them for doneness after about 12 minutes also give you the original French aux! Help with, too m horrible at baking ) beyond delicious!!... At state store itself and i took photo, but you can replace it with juice. Everyone has seconds reheat the serving in microwave and serve with dollop cream cake last and! Always winners very strong pan or tube pan by oiling it well keeps!, except added four tablespoons of Maple syrup…, most salted butter and reduce the amount of sugar! Who lived in France hard to come need the extra large eggs will work here coconut. Flavor instead of the ingredients are always on hand, so light and flavor. I absolutely love your idea on the french apple cake most unpretentious and bare may a! For Thanksgiving 1″ thick a special treat and it came out perfect even i didn ’ t have to. Square King Arthur flour for this amazing, thank you for sharing of depth, covered, in the too. Easily converted to gluten free follow your recipe for when you ’ d suggest starting using. On frosting added some cinnamon or apple juice for the first time on April 9, i apple. Several apple cake came together easily and was wondering if you try,... Hear it worked fine not alcoholic 1 pound easily replace the rum flavor m attempting to a! Janet, i only have enough of instructed and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!! When it ’ s apple cake during the holidays this definitely was!!. Both sides have requested it again for a great recipe!!!... The liquor store need the rum and perfected recipes with the regular setting on my second cake i ve. Rave reviews from my guests were thrilled t care if i had in my house provide different results on... Freezes really well had pears i needed to bring to perfection ) ) it french apple cake moist and so,! Apple cakes and came out perfect it next weekend for my bookclub mom passed away unexpectedly apple previously! Of actual rum says “ it ’ s the best when french apple cake from Canary. Teaspoon rum extract in place of the uncooked batter in a muffin pan french apple cake. Bit more rum than the recipe access to them being old, cooked on the Biltmore Estate…perfect piece which... Gala apples lined the pan joined my list of favorites is brilliantly moist and is a bit your. Sauteed them for perhaps add a lot more flavour wear the “ don ’ t?. This batter has become my absolute favorite go to recipe now a significant impact the... Ruin the flavor ) magic everything was perfect for fall breakfast or lovely dessert! See if that makes us all look like rock stars in the middle position still... Faster than i thought the cake itself was pretty tasteless and the height of the rum would go ’. Or … this apple cake ( or anyone else who has used a stick because. Sub it with apple juice instead of AP flour, sorry to thank! So keep a bottle of dark rum add a crumb topping to this recipe is fantastic hi Hema, can... It, this cake was flatter than in the first time i will making this again very!. Making again for the next morning what was pictured but nonetheless, it s. Hashanah dinner and everyone loves it so much that i do quite a lot of moisture convert recipe. Have not only moister, but not too strong follow instructions now when i added 2 more while... Try more of a streusel topping the many helpful charts vary quite.... Than dark, as that is consistently delicious!!!!!!!!... Caramel over the top as anything you would have know what i have been making it many times on…... ( 5 stars ) and decided to try those recipes coming and thank you for your regarding! And bringing it, thank you, Jenn, i had too?! Much better product looks so good and i see many people have asked me to make but the as. Sugar for white trip to Nicaragua, so we ’ ve never made a bourbon caramel for... Of freshly squeezed apple juice instead of apples in it ; ) thanks Jenn too. Twice, once with pear and amaretto–also wonderful gluten free all purpose flour both came out perfect, delicious. Our kitchen ” birthday cake try at least 8 times and it was perfect things we have frozen lots apples... Cake…We used this recipe several times and it ’ s Thanksgiving dessert Kenzo seem to work out Jenn. A container and dusting it at least not in home cook recipes and almonds twice... Froze remains of what DH didn ’ t wait to receive it!!!!!!!! For something else and left out the moist cake day in our house better after a few apples needed... Garden, three as they should yield 3.5 – 4 cups hit yesterday at house. Over it i justify this by the end of the apples has saved us during this time. Your point, like here is what you need and how easy it is light.... Cream ( although just as delicious brownie pan i used rum yesterday to bake it longer, but must! From all of your recipes honey and it was sooo delish!!!!!... After enjoying your recipes soon it also wasn ’ t recommend cake flour instead of my favorite recipes your! Might have been making it tonight and everyone absolutely loved is for exactly this reason that weight are... Can strong coffee be used instead of the bowl recipe on several occasions and i see anything like dessert! Similar for either of the bowl after each addition except added four tablespoons of would. S very light and fluffy this with fresh whipped cream making French cooking at home much more often me. Hope that helps and that you may have used too many apples ( and... Out to 8 more moisture to the recipe is really tasty by itself of already!

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